When I was in college, my best friend promised for months that he would take me out and show me a great time on my 18th birthday (which was drinking age in my state at the time). He insisted I make no other plans, he had this. Then, two hours before we were supposed to go out, he calls me and tells me he decided to do… » 3/28/15 2:41am Today 2:41am

I grew up in Wisconsin, and smoked trout was always a standard part of the appetizer table at parties. I remember my aunt had a ginormous smoked trout at her wedding reception in 1977. I miss it now that I live in NJ — I can find tiny packages of it at Wegman's sometimes, but it's just not the same. I would love a… » 3/28/15 1:59am Today 1:59am

I saw him in person once, around the same time period — he was shooting something at our local PBS station when my class was doing a tour, so we had no warning. Fucking terrifying. Not even the body parts part of it; it was seeing a grown, kinda skeezy looking, man in a full body unitard. Shudder. » 3/27/15 5:14pm Yesterday 5:14pm

His only option would be to rent office space in town, I imagine (he can't be that far out of town if he's already driving to a Starbucks to do work). But I guess it must make more economic sense for him to eat the cost of reselling the house than to work from an office, somehow. » 3/27/15 5:05pm Yesterday 5:05pm

If he and his buddy wanted to leer about this woman's breasts, have at it. IN DM. Just like you wouldn't walk up and grab the karaoke mike in the bar to have this conversation, you'd talk to your buddy in your inside voice, maybe even make it a little hushed. Keep your boner conversations to yourself. Have some… » 3/26/15 6:21pm Thursday 6:21pm

I somehow found it reassuring that the show was as clueless about how fire works as they are about computers. That woman grabbed the door handle of a room about to flashover and was completely unharmed? I'm a former firefighter, and we used to teach kindergartners that door handles get hot when the room on the other… » 3/26/15 5:04pm Thursday 5:04pm

His net worth is $130MM. Hers is $85MM. If you don't think they have an ironclad prenup, you are insane. Even if they don't, and they get divorced, no way she gets alimony, and if either one has to pay child support, it will not force either of them to move into a Motel 6 and eat ramen. Put down the violin. » 3/26/15 4:09am Thursday 4:09am

You know why those things were all right back then? Because women did not have the right to say no to it. Their needs and desires and wants didn't count for shit (and often still don't). Cultures where women have autonomy and are acknowledged to be human beings seem to also be the cultures where it is no longer… » 3/26/15 3:12am Thursday 3:12am

Right, and at this point, bearding doesn't necessarily mean gay, it could be the celeb dates or is involved with someone the general public might not find acceptable for whatever reason (trans? old? fat? who knows?), or someone who really, really wants their privacy. » 3/25/15 8:05pm Wednesday 8:05pm

I've always considered this the Dibs Theory of Life. That's the whole thing behind when people saying <They> are taking our jobs/university slots/whatever. Women/POC/Foreigners can only take those things if you have the attitude that certain people (White and/or male and/or Americans) have permanent dibs on that shit. » 3/25/15 4:49pm Wednesday 4:49pm

As noted by some above, in many of those "tax friendly" states, they still have to pay for services people want and need somehow, but they can't call them taxes, so instead they have multiple high-cost fees and licenses (often for things that are unavoidable) that end up being much more regressive than if they had… » 3/25/15 11:14am Wednesday 11:14am

Not NJ municipal workers, aside from cops. The public works employees might have a union (though that's not guaranteed in NJ), but the Director most definitely is not in a union — supervisors can't be in the union. All it would take is for the Mayor and majority of the Council to vote to can him (so, about 4 people… » 3/24/15 6:38pm Tuesday 6:38pm