Even if it hadn’t been such an egregious offense, I think when you start firing people for not giving your offspring special treatment is crossing a big-ass line. You can ask, like any other parent, but, no, it is not appropriate for elected officials to throw their weigh around demanding special treatment for anyone… » 5/05/15 5:35pm Today 5:35pm

Indeed, they seem to have glossed right past the part where MSG/Dolan did have to pay her $1.6M in punitive damages, so even if that somehow means Thomas wasn’t “malicious”, by their own logic they are admitting that the court did think that MSG and Dolan were malicious and acting in bad faith. » 5/05/15 4:14pm Today 4:14pm

I think it’s more that you probably shouldn’t call anyone a slut in public, and should probably confine it to your own gender in private. And, uh, when exactly was this imaginary time when it was cool to call women sluts with impunity during a public interview? I must have slept through it. » 5/05/15 1:00pm Today 1:00pm

A lot of powdered substances can be flammable, once you make it aerated. The only kitchen thing you should dump on a fire is baking soda (which is similar to what is in dry powder extinguishers). But turning off the heat and smothering the fire with a pot lid or something similar is the much smarter move, and is a lot… » 5/05/15 9:08am Today 9:08am

Isn’t adultery supposedly outlawed because you are breaking a contract you signed? You never signed a document promising not to have bjs and buttsex, but when you get married, you are signing a legal document saying you’re only coupled with this one other person in exchange for the government giving you a bunch of… » 5/05/15 1:17am Today 1:17am

I would guess it’s because Karyn led off this DB with a fawning depiction of Bey at said fight? I imagine if she had creamed all over anyone else, they would have been equally excoriated. Basically, Karyn is a tasteless moron, but also set up Beyonce for an ass-beating. » 5/04/15 2:42am Yesterday 2:42am

How fucking big was the supposed sushi package? I mean, at my local grocery, the regular price for a tray of sushi is $8, and usually it’s $4 by evening. Since you can’t buy hot prepared foods with an EBT card, sushi would be one of the few pre-made meals you could purchase if you want food and don’t have a kitchen.… » 5/03/15 6:48pm Sunday 6:48pm